SPONSORED: by nikolas ioannidis, mykonos/ athens

Born: estimated Jan 2015

Weight: 30 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

In Foster Care in Aegina since February 2017 

My story: I was found on the street. Nobody knows whether I had a previous owner, but I am a little shy with lots of people and lots of dogs. I was hanging out with Brummel on the street where I lived before. Brummel is the leader of our pack. But Brummel was shot a few months ago. A nice lady picked us up and brought both of us to the vet. Afterwards we could not live on the street anymore and so we are now at the shelter. I am a sweet dog, but I do not feel well in the shelter. I fear all those noises and would prefer a quiet life. You need some patience with me but once I warm up to you, I am the sweetest dog. Everybody says that I am a beauty of a dog and very sensitive. But the shelter staff says that lately, I have become more social. I can run around in the free area every day. I LOVE to be cuddled and follow Brummel everywhere.

Will you give me a chance? I am fine to get adopted with Brummel or alone. Since I am more submissive, I don't mind living with another male or female dog who can be the pack leader. Please help me to get into a home, as I do not feel well in the shelter. Will you adopt me?

PS: On the photos with Brummel and myself, I am the one with the stunning yellow brown eyes :-)