adele - R*E*S*E*R*V*E*D for adoption


Born: April 2015

Weight: 20 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Female, spayed

Health issues: Leishmania positive, but under control and manageable

In Foster Care in Aegina since September 2015

My story: I was abandoned and found by the wonderful staff of Aegina in the forest with my sister Anelie. I had a broken leg, but that got taken care of, and I am fine now! I had a family who wanted to adopt me overseas, but then the test came back. I am Leishmania positive. A sand fly transmitted the disease to me. So, the family turned me down. That is so unfair, as there is Leishmania in Europe, including Germany and the US, and the disease is totally controllable. I just need to be tested and take pills, but otherwise, I am totally fine and can be with other dogs without any problem.  The staff say that I am a sweetheart. I am wonderful with people and dogs alike. Every time, when there is a new person coming into the shelter, I say hi and hope that the new person will adopt me. I am craving for love and a family, but I am not overburdening at all. On the contrary, I am the perfect dog, calm, playful at the same time, lovely and just easy going. Great for a family with children, and no my disease is not transmittable to humans. I am told that I am a very smart girl and one of the favorites of the staff because of my wonderful character. Will you adopt me?