Born: September 2016

Weight: 12 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Female, will be spayed at appropriate age

Health issues: None

In Foster Care in Aegina since December 2015

My story: I am a very active, incredibly smart, sweet and charming little girl. I am the daughter of Kassiopi and was born in an abandoned house after my mother Kassiopi was abandoned. Thanks to wonderful people who took care of us, my siblings and I all survived. Perseus and Orion are my brothers.  I make everybody smile because I am so incredibly cute. I love jumping and can jump very high. I am very easygoing and get on with everybody, other dogs, goats. I love people and I would make a very good dog for a family with small children. I can play with them all day. I am very playful. If you throw a stone, I will try to find it and bring it back to you. I love to discover and am very curious. I am never afraid. The staff believes I would make a very good service dog because I am so smart, much smarter than most other dogs. Fun fact, Zero Stray Pawject put a Go Pro camera on my back. I did not mind at all. You can see what I can see when you watch the video in the beginning. I should go into a wonderful home because I am such an incredible and unique girl. What do you think, are you the right family for me?