SPONSORED: by Claudia and stephen golden, new york

Born: estimated Jan 2011

Weight: 5 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Female, spayed

In Foster Care in Aegina since May 2016 

My story: I was owned by an old lady who kept me in her garden. I was not spayed and had puppies at some point, of which the old lady kept my daughter Brenda. After the old lady died, we did not know where to go. we were hungry and approached her neighbor in search of food. Her neighbor -- also an old lady -- felt sorry and fed us for some time. But soon after she passed away as well of old age. We had nowhere to go. Everyone we loved so much had passed! But thank god, we were then brought to the shelter. There, we are looked after and are kept together, together with our friend Cid. unfortunately, though, we never experienced the loving hand of a human all of our entire life and are very shy. It will take some time and training to get us re-socialized because we love to have a home at some point. Who can open their heart and soul for an older lady who has suffered so much and all she wants is patience and love!!