SPONSORED: by Stefanie bergot and farhad milani, london

Born: estimated between 2012-2013

Weight: 23 kilo

Breed: Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

In Foster Care in Aegina since April 2017

My story: I am the newest member in Aegina.  I was found abandoned and tied up on a tree by one of the volunteers in the forest of Aegina. No water, no food. I was on survival mode and when the staff from Aegina came closer to me, I would bark at them frantically, with my tail tucked away in between my legs. I was trembling of fear. Once I arrived at the shelter, I did not want to leave the box I came with. I only eat when nobody is around. I am very afraid. Probably I have been incredibly abused and I will get the time to trust humans again.

Update: June 2017: The staff at Aegina can now touch and pet me! I also am now allowed to leave my kennel and run in the open space area. I have totally warmed up to humans and will soon be ready for adoption!