peter pan

SPONSORED: by delphine limbourg, Soignes, Belgium

Born: estimated in 2015

Weight: 24 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

In Foster Care in Aegina since May 2017

My story: I was abandoned in the National Garden of Greece. The co-founder of ZSP saw me. I am a very thin male dog. I followed her, and unfortunately have an injured / broken paw and some injuries on my belly. But I still rolled over for her to be petted. I am new to the stray dog group at the National Garden in Athens and do not fit in. The other dogs don't accept me in their pack. So I desperately try to follow people. Everybody. Especially those with children! Unfortunately, the co-founder of ZSP had to witness two men in their mid-40s kicking me badly. I whined and cried but did not fight back. Of course, she intervened immediately and stopped the abuse. But it was clear that I was not safe there. I have been since looked after by a group of animal lovers, but I will not survive. So I am planned to be brought to the shelter on May 16. I am told that I am beautiful and elegant. I am very young and super friendly. I am trying to follow every family with children. Until recently I must have been someone's pet dog and they just tossed me away and dumped me on the street, given that I am trying to follow every family with children. I am desperately looking to find my family but once I will be in the shelter I will be safe! I will get all medical care and will be looked after. Once I am evaluated, I will put up for adoption.

Update June: I arrived at the shelter and have a smashing life here. I am super friendly, am getting on with every other dog, am healthy and ready for a wonderful family!