SPONSORED: by hafssa serraj, casablanca/ frankfurt

Born: estimated in 2014

Weight: 22 kilos

Breed: Boxer Mix

Gender: Female, spayed

Health issues: chronicle problem with her ear, which impacts her balance (she moves her head to the right-hand side frequently). She also has a rupture of the cruciate ligament of the back leg. Both don't impact her quality of life and has no pain, so she does not need painkillers.

In Foster Care in Aegina since July 1st 2017

My story: I was found wandering the streets of Aegina, without a collar, without a microchip and nobody in the area recognized me. Very likely I am just another victim of my previous owner just dumping me on the street and abandoning me. Probably because I am a little different and my previous owner might have not wanted to put up with a dog like me. I am very friendly and get on with all other dogs. I am very good with people. My height is 60cm, so I am a middle-sized dog. I would love to live in a family with my humans and have a warm bed to sleep and being cuddled and loved. The shelter will observe me a little more as I just arrived and I will be put up for adoption probably later in 2017. If you are interested in me, please reach out to Zero Stray Pawject!