SPONSORED: by iro gerasimou, london

Born: in November 2016

Weight: 15 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

Health issues: none

In Foster Care in Aegina since end of June 2017

My story: My brothers Aramis, Porthos and I were wandering the streets of Aegina. Nobody knows whether we were abandoned or born stray. But the shelter staff always neuter the new stray dogs in Aegina to control the stray dog population. So once we got neutered, they just couldn't bring us back to the street, as we have so amazing personalities. So they kept us in the shelter. We are looking for a home. Porthos already got adopted. We are super sweet, playful, love children and other dogs and would be a wonderful addition to every family, especially with small children. Will you be MY HUMAN?