SPONSORED: BY evie and koray, NEW YORK

Born: November 2016

Weight: 20 kilo, 45cm tall

Breed: Purebred Pitbull from breeder

Gender: Male, neutered 

My story: My owner bought me for a lot of money from a breeder in Greece when I was 2 months old. I had a good life. Unfortunately, though, he did not give me any anti parasite treatment. So, I got sick and he then brought me to the vet to euthanize me to avoid paying any vet costs in the future. He instead wanted to get another dog from the same breeder. Thank god, the vet did not euthanize me. I am now at the shelter. I am still a puppy, playful, loving, cuddly, I roll over and cannot get enough belly rubs! everybody says that I am a beauty of a dog. I really don't understand why I am at the shelter, until recently I slept in a bed!  Every human who enters my kennel gets spoiled by my love, kisses and my playful puppy behavior. I am good with other dogs and will soon be tested with cats. Will you be my human whom I kiss and love every day? I am waiting for YOU!