SPONSORED: by Pat Destein, san francisco

Born: estimated Jan 2013

Weight: 30 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

Health issues: None

In Foster Care in Aegina since February 2017 

My story: I was found living on the street, hanging out with Bilbo. Nobody knows whether I had a previous owner. I am a natural pack leader, confident, easygoing with other dogs. I love people and am incredibly friendly with everyone. I also protect my friend Bilbo. A few months ago, I was shot by a terrible person. Whilst they never caught the person who was trying to kill me, a nice lady picked me up (Bilbo stayed with me) and brought us to the vet. Afterwards we could not live on the street anymore because we were in danger. So, we are now at the shelter. I am a fantastic dog with everybody. Whilst I don’t mind the shelter, I would LOVE to find my human! Since I am good with other dogs and can easily live in a family, either alone, or with other dogs. Of course, if you are looking to adopt two dogs, adopt also Brummel, my friend. Can I count on you? Please adopt us! 

PS: On the photos with Bilbo and myself, I am the one who shows his teeth all the time :-)