michael - bonded pair,must be adopted with mirto


Born: Estimated in Jan 2016

Weight: 23 kilo, 55cm tall

Breed: Greek Shepherd mix

Gender: Male, neutered

My story: ZSP came across my pack of roaming stray dogs in Thessaloniki in December 2017. The pack consisted of my mom and 5 of my siblings. We are all big dogs and some of us love to chase cars (not me!). We jumped on the highway and barked at the cars. Chances are that one of my siblings was hit by a car, so my family is now trying to tell the cars off. But the cars kept speeding by and did not stop. Silja who discovered us, almost had a heart attack and tried to get us off the highway. 

She started feeding us and I am the most friendliest of the pack and the pack leader. I liked her, so I thought I would take my fate into my own hands and just jumped into her car to give her a sign that I am ready for adoption together with my sister Mirto! And Silja got the message.

From this moment on, Silja knew she had to help us. As she cannot take all of the six of us to the US, she partnered with local animal welfare people and got Mirto and I off the street. We are the closest ones and cannot live without each other. The rest of the pack will continue to be neutered, vaccinated and fed by locals and Silja checks up on them sporadically. The smaller the pack, the higher the chances that a pack will not fall victim to illegal activities like poisoning, so my pack will have much better chances of survival without us being there and who knows, maybe some will be rescued in the future. For now, Mirto and I are the lucky ones. We traveled to Athens, where Silja picked us up and brought us to a safe place where we will be fostered and will be looking for a home. Mirto and I are inseparable and must get adopted together. We both are medium energy, not bouncy dogs. We love people and get on with other dogs well, we currently live together with 4 other dogs in a pen and all is fine. We still need to learn to walk on a leash, but we get training. But we both are real sweethearts and easy-going dogs. Mirto does not like cats, so we need to get into a home without cats. I am the more forthcoming one and will immediately roll over and get my belly rubbed for you. We both are gems and you cannot go wrong with us! Best in the countryside or on a farm, but we could also live in a city.