SPONSORED: by evie roussopoulou and koray user, new york city

Born: estimated December 2012

Weight: 35 kilos, 60 cm height

Breed: Cross breed

Gender: Male, neutered

In Foster Care in Aegina since August 2016

My story: I was found abandoned around area Aiginitissa in Aegina. I may have come from Athens to be abandoned in Aegina by my previous owner. This is unfortunately quite common. So, I appeared one day on the street and tried to climb into every car. I was so desperate to go back and find my family. I am super friendly, by people were scared of me because of my looks. I really did not understand why, I cannot see myself in the mirror, so why did people scream or run when they saw me? The neighbors felt pity for me and fed me because I am such as good boy! But at the same time, they got worried that I may get poisoned or shot, because I am a very large dog with dark brown colors and a mixed breed that naturally has some stigma attached to it.  

But in fact, I am a gentle soul. All I want is for you to love me!   I have been at the shelter for a year now ad really would like to find my home.  I am very smart and whenever women walk me, I "seduce" them.  I stop and put my head in her lap as to say: "do not leave me". Most women fall in love with me.  I am very affectionate, and I quickly bond with people, I play like a puppy and love people, especially children. I am perfect on the leash. I am good with other dogs and mind my own business. I am a wonderful dog who will make a family very happy who has the right experiences with large dogs. I am beyond grateful for every little affection I can get. I am a snuggler. Who would have thought that a dog like me would love to snuggle? I deserve the chance of a home!

All I want is to find MY human who I can cuddle with on the couch and whom I can love. I so hope that my wish finally comes true and I will be able to find MY home. Please pray and wish for my luck in 2018.