Individual Impact of individual lives saved

PRINCE now lives in Thessaloniki, Greece

Born in estimated Jan 2014, Rescued in July 2015, Adopted in April 2016

Breed: Lab Golden Mix, or let's call him "the Beautiful"

Home: Thessaloniki with DIMITRIS FINDANIDIS

My story: My owner who lives in Trikala on the Greek mainland abandoned me in Ftelia. I was heart broken. But what could do? Thanks to Zero Stray Pawject, I have found my forever home in a wonderful family in Thessaloniki. I just arrived, but it feels pretty cool already. I will let you guys know over the course of the next week how I am..

With a lot of sorrow, we have to report that Prince went over the rainbow bridge in 2016. He was a victim of a snake attack in the countryside and his owner was not able to save him. Still, Prince died in the arms of his daddy whom he loved so much. His mommy would "dance" with him, meaning she would go down to her knees, put his paws on her shoulder, hug him and  slowly move back and forth. For whatever reason, he loved it. And it was so cute to watch the two hugging and "dancing". We will never forget Prince and are very happy that he at least had a good life in the end and died in the arms of people who loved him and whom he loved.