Our Mission

Our mission, in the regions in which we operate, is to systematically eradicate the problem of stray dogs by addressing the root causes.  To do so, we collaborate with national and local governments on public policy actions that combat these root causes.

In parallel we help take stray dogs off the street, house them in foster care or shelters according to “The Bill of Rights”, while actively trying to find appropriate families to adopt them. 

To achieve this mission we collaborate with local foster families and non-kill shelters to whom we provide funding as well as expertise in marketing, logistics, and administration. 

We are not reliant on public funding; we are exclusively financed by private donations.


Our work:

We work on 3 levels:

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The Problem today

The problem today.png

Today's problem

Irresponsible owners abandon their dogs on the street. Abandoned dogs are usually not neutered/spayed which has a multiplicative effect on stray populations.

The Pawject in Four Steps

Step 1 take satry dogs off the street before they get injured or reproduce.png

Step 1

We take stray dogs off the street before they get injured or reproduce. If our shelters and fosters don’t have space for them, we at a minimum neuter/spay and release, vaccinate and feed on the street until there is space at the shelter.

Step 2

Place them in foster care or shelters that comply with the “Bill of Rights”.

Dogs living in our shelters or with our fosters are protected under our “Bill or Rights” that defines living conditions and other rights.

Step 3

Support our shelters to find the right “forever” home for each dog.

We showcase dogs through our website, social media, and a network of international partners.

We ensure long term welfare through carefully vetting interested families and signing adoption contracts.


However, since no shelter will ever be big enough to accommodate every stray dog, and there will never be enough families to adopt them out, we need to tackle the root-cause of irresponsible ownership

Step 4 reduce likelihood of abandoning.png

Step 4

Reduce the likelihood of a dog ending up on the street, one community at a time.



Key action: Promote micro-chipping and registration in phase 1, so that owned dogs are identifiable if abandoned. Here we work with municipalities and have started to help them build up the first ever dog registries. ZSP funds a lottery for every responsible dog owner who chips and registers - see here, promotes subsidized microchipping and in phase 2 encourages neutering and spaying of owned dogs to avoid unwanted litters.


Key action: Enforce law against owners who (a) abandon their dogs, (b) don’t micro-chip their dogs, (c) abuse their dogs. ZSP has donated microchip scanners to the police and port police in regions where we are active.


Key Action: Educate the next generation on responsible dog ownership; render them animal welfare ambassadors inside their families. ZSP partners with the right local organizations to launch targeted school programs and lectures.


The Pawject is a unique systematic solution to empower local animal lovers and local governments to combat the crisis on their doorstep.  It is an end-to-end approach to solve the stray dog crisis in a new way.

Zero Stray Pawject gets involved where valiant efforts by local governments and welfare organizations have failed to eradicate the stray dog problem. 

Zero Stray Pawject does not own any of our partners’ facilities or their dogs.  Instead the shelters and fosters focus on the day-to-day of the dogs’ well being, while we help with funding, know-how, and other support.



The Result:

Our work promotes animal welfare and protects the communities we serve from an uncontrolled stray dog population that can pose public safety and public health risks.

A first-of-its kind and unique systematic solution to empower local animal lovers and local governments to eradicate the stray dog crisis on their doorsteps.

A solution that has, in its entirety, never been done before and which we hope will be rolled out around the world.