Individual Impact of individual lives saved

Motte (aka Seranata) now lives in zurich, switzerland

Born: September 2016, Rescued January 2017, Adopted on May 20th 2017

Breed: The most intelligent Mixie lady with a lot of enthusiasm for life

Current Home: Zurich, Switzerland with my new mommy!!  

My story: I don't know much about who my parents are. I was found in the trash when I was 20 days old by a wonderful family who did not want to let me die. They fostered me until I was 3.5 months old, at which point I came to the shelter. I am fully vaccinated. I am a happy dog, very smart and beautiful. I learn fast and am hungry for new tricks to learn. I will be medium size, now I am 43 cm high. I would fit into any family because I am getting on with everybody. You will not take a risk with me when you adopt me. Will you?

UPDATE: Today, on May 20th I traveled to Zurich where a young woman who loves horses and dogs adopted me! Upon arrival, I got a lot of hugs and my new mommy opened a bottle of champagne ! My new name is Motte!

The adoption was made possible thanks to the great work from AAPA