Advisory Board

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Vassilis Antoniades

Managing Director for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)  

Vassilis manages transformational change efforts in large organizations in Greece and the CEMA region. He is an active speaker at conferences, public issues and challenges established systems. Vassilis is a board member of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and serves in the Board of the Bodossaki Foundation and the Board of Advisors for the International MBA program of the Athens University of Economic and Business. He holds an MBA from Harvard and a BS from Georgetown and provides insightful perspectives to the animal welfare industry in Greece to ZSP.

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Dr. Maurizio Albano

Veterinarian and Member of the European Commission ESCO

Maurizio is an expert in various veterinary fields, including Neurology, Orthopedics, Vascular surgery, Mediterranean diseases like Leishmaniasis and owner of several veterinary clinics in Italy. He is a visiting vet expert of EAVE (European association of the establishments for veterinary education), a member of Acovene (Accreditation Committee for Veterinary Nurse Education) and a member of the European Commission ESCO and was one of the first to set up education centers for vets. Mauricio holds an MBA from Luiss International Business School in Rome. He speaks at several international congresses on training and management and has been organizing the first school of veterinary technicians in Italy, with which he joins several European training projects, as part of the Leonardo da Vinci program.

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prof. Régis Bismuth

Professor of Public Law at Sciences Po Law School

Régis is a professor of Public Law at Sciances Po in Paris, France. He received a PhD in international law from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and also graduated from Columbia Law School (LL.M). He is a member of the International Law Association (ILA). His main research and teaching interests lie within public international law, international economic law, European law as well as animal rights and ethics. Régis is an active speaker for animal rights. He is notably the co-editor of Sensibilité animale - Perspectives juridiques (CNRS Editions, 2015) (Legal aspects of animal sentience).

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Harry Eckman

IFAW and Co-Founder of Change for Animals Foundation

Harry works for IFAW on the Companion Animal Program charge. As an international animal welfare specialist with over 20 years experience, he has worked on many strategic planning initiatives, directing humane dog and cat population management projects, incorporating human behavior change concepts into companion animal management programs, rabies eradication projects, and improving welfare standards in shelters and veterinary facilities. 
Harry has also worked for the RSPCA, the World Society for the Protection of Animals  (now World Animal Protection), the Mayhew and Wood Green and regularly speaks at international conferences. 

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Nicky Stevens

Founder and Chief Executive - IAPWA

Nicky founded IAPWA in 2009 following a trip to Borneo where she witnessed the plight of thousands of strays. Due to her work there, she was awarded a British Citizen Medal for international achievement. Since then, IAPWA have expanded to support animals in 9 countries through their own projects and partnerships. She is also a speaker at various international animal welfare conferences and is a strong advocate for working collectively to establish effective solutions to create a better future for animals and their welfare.