Only with your support, we can save stray dogs from the street, drive prevention initiatives, such as education, neutering and promoting mandatory chipping and can help local communities to build more private rescue centers and non-kill shelters to take more stray dogs off the street and into safety.  

The abandoned dogs that are fighting for survival and who we can rescue with your help are saying Thank You For Your Support!


Donations will finance our preventative measures, such as neutering programs, mandatory micro-chipping programs so that owned dogs cannot be easily abandoned anymore, as well as awareness programs to promote responsible dog ownership and less stray dogs.

You can either sign up for a one-off donation and have a monthly donation to our causes:

All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible in the US (501(c)3 non-profit) and in Germany (e.V.).   If you are considering a donation, please click one of the donate buttons (one is for US$ and the other for Euros) below and use a credit card or debit/ATM card:

For German taxpayers who prefer to set up a standing order, our German bank account details follow: "Zero Stray Pawject Germany e.V.”, Berliner Sparkasse, IBAN: DE14 100500 000190518375 BIC: BELADEBE and note your dog's name as reason for payment. 


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