Meet our partners


municipality of aegina

Zero Stray Pawject and the municipality of Aegina, the mayor Mr. Mourtzis and the Director of Public Health Mrs Hatzina have been working hand in hand since 2017 to start "The Pawject" in Aegina, an initiative to solve the stray dog problem in the island. ZSP is helping the municipality to build their municipal dog registry since early January while the fuller incentive and marketing program started in February 2018. ZSP funds a lottery for every responsible dog owner who microchips and registers their dog to have a chance to win 200 EUR every 2 weeks.  Click here for more information. ZSP also DONATED 4 MICROCHIP READERS to the municipality of Aegina and the police in Aegina.


PanHellenic Animal Welfare Federation PFO

Zero Stray Pawject and the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation are working together on lobbying for public policy changes in Greece.


Pawsitively Love

Pawsitively Love is kindly fostering dogs for Zero Stray Pawject that we bring over from Greece to New York. They also provide some basic training and are one of the best dog trainers in New York.