Meet our partners

Our philosophy is to collaborate with other organizations. Together we are stronger and the more NGOs unite, the more we can drive positive change together.


PanHellenic Animal Welfare Federation PFO

Zero Stray Pawject and the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation are working together on lobbying for public policy changes in Greece.

Animal Protection Aegina and Agistri

As of April 2017, Zero Stray Pawject Animal Protection Aegina & Agistri are partnering together with innovative programs to get the community stray-free. Additionally, Zero Stray Pawject finds sponsors for some of Aegina's dogs.

Pawsitively Love

Pawsitively Love is kindly fostering dogs for Zero Stray Pawject that we bring over from Greece to New York. They also provide some basic training and are one of the best dog trainers in New York.