Individual Impact Of Individual Lives Saved

mica NOW LIVES IN germany


Born, in April 2015, rescued in June 2016, adopted in August 2017

Breed: Princess Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Mica

Current Home: With a family in Germany who likes to stay anonymous

My story: Mica is a little princess. She was surrendered by her owners, a mother and her 12 years old daughter as they moved and could not take her with them. First the mother wanted to leave her in the shelter only for a few months, but then she never came back for Mica. Mica is a little princess who was craving for HER family. Finally in August 2017 her wish came through and she moved to a loving family to Germany. She loves long walks in the forest, lots and lots of cuddles, massages (yes, she is a little princess!!) and is very much loved.

Her adoption was made possible through AAPA.