Individual Impact Of Individual Lives Saved

Darcy NOW LIVES IN Ruegen, Germany

Born: October 2012, Rescued October 2016, Adopted on June 28th 2017

Breed: Shepherd mix and the boss of every pack  

Current Home: The island of Ruegen, Germany with Caroline and her new family   

My story: I was a stray dog. Unfortunately, I have deformed legs, which are partly of genetic origin, partly because of unhealthy food and abuse on the street. I need to take pain killers, but I am very perky and a happy dog. I am a very independent dog, probably because I lived on the street for so long and have a strong character. I know what I want and am making sure that everybody in the shelter is fine. I am one of the pack leaders and ensure that everybody is happy. I am super friendly with people and especially children.

UPDATE: On June 28th 2017 I traveled to Germany and now live with my new mommy Caroline and my new canine friend and cats on the island of Ruegen. I love my new life and am so happy that I finally found MY HUMAN!

The adoption was made possible thanks to the magnificent work from AAPA.