Individual Impact Of Individual Lives Saved

mamouth NOW LIVES IN aegina, greece

Born, estimated in 2002, rescued in February 2017, adopted in August 2017

Breed: Sweetest Chihuahua Mix who survived many bad things in live and just wants to get cuddled at his old days

Current Home: With Lea in Aegina, Greece

My story: I am an old grandfather and my humans just decided that they did not want to take care of me anymore At 15 years old, they just abandoned me in the forest of Aegina to die. This was so cruel. Thank god, I was found just on time and rushed to the shelter. I have been sharing my kennel with Beth and Brenda. I am super friendly, I LOVE to cuddle, in fact, I am the super cuddler! But I do not like sudden, fast movements. Sometimes I don't see you very well, so make sure to speak to me when you approach me. I am very old.

On August 21st 2017, I was adopted by a wonderful woman in Aegina. Zero Stray Pawject has been looking for a foster for me through social media and Gabi helped and found me with a home in Aegina. So I moved from the shelter into my home with another dog and plenty of love. Thank you Gabi and thank you Zero Stray Pawject