Individual Impact Of Individual Lives Saved

Randy now LIVES in berlin, germany

Born, in April 2017, rescued in July 2017, adopted in April 2018

Breed: “Mr. I am too cute for this world and still it took me a long time to find a home” teddy bear

Current Home: With a family who chooses to stay anonymous in Berlin, Germany 

My story:  I was found on the street, wandering the island of Aegina when I was a playful puppy. After I got adopted into a wonderful family in Berlin, I have been in heaven! I am super confident with my new family, I love driving in the car (because we drive to fun places), I love my dog bed and was house trained after only 2 days! Yes, I am a fast learner!!

My new family is very much in love with me and I love them, too! What a perfect match!

The adoption was made possible through AAPA