Born: estimated in 2010

Weight: 15 kilos

Breed: Mix 

Gender: Male

In Foster since: October 2015, currently in Athens

My story: According to the people who found me, I was once owned by a family in Theva, outside of Athens. But they abandoned me when they moved to Australia. Since I had a very difficult fate. One day I showed up in front of a shop and the girl in the shop fed me. However, the shop owner did not like me, put a rope around my neck, started driving and dragged me behind his car from for 30 minutes to the next village, I was half dead. Despite of my serious injuries, I managed to walk all the way back to the shop. My only option to be fed! The girl in the shop was so afraid that she called the people who found me. Nobody sued this man, which I personally don't understand. I was then brought to a field where I was cared for and my injuries healed, but I suffered tremendously there on an emotional level according to those people. I was craving for human contact. One of the volunteers took me in, but couldn't care for me after a month and handed me over to the founders of Zero Stray Pawject in August 2015. I was transported to the best dog trainer in Greece temporarily and Zero Stray Pawject found me an owner in Germany. But the owner in Germany was not dog experienced, so after a couple of months I came back to Athens, where I have been since with the dog trainer outside of Athens. I am an obedient dog and suffered so much. However, due to my past, I can only go into a family that has dog experiences, I prefer a male owner who is my main handler. I am good with other dogs. I will be great in a family without small children, a family that is dog experienced, preferably in Greece, Austria, Germany or Italy. I did not like the plane ride and would rather prefer to be transported by car. My dog trainer will help the family with on boarding me for free. I am a wonderful dog, if you know dogs well and are experienced. Will you give me a forever home? I have lived through so many terrible things in my life. Please help me!