Individual Impact Of Individual Lives Saved

Kassi (Kassiopi) NOW LIVES IN Cresco, PA, US

Born: estimated January 2014, Rescued December 2016, Adopted on July 15th 2017

Breed: The brave and beautiful mix who has been the most amazing dog mom ever

Current Home: Cresco, PA, US with Trish P. and her family on a 12 acre farm   

My story: I was found on the street with my nine beautiful puppies I had just given birth to. More specifically, when I knew it was time for delivering my puppies, I went into an abandoned home and gave birth there. Some locals found me and were heartbroken to see me on the cold floor with my new born puppies. So, they started feeding me. We survived! All of us!! Even during the harsh winter months with lots of snow!! Thanks to locals caring. In December 2016, I moved to the shelter.

When Zero Stray Pawject got involved in April 2017, they chose me as a dog in their program and found me a sponsor in May 2017 and a forever home in July 2017. They even picked me up from Greece and flew with me all the way to New York, where I was staying for a few days with their dog trainer from Pawsitively Love and learned the basics. A week later, I moved to Trish P. and now live with 5 other rescued dogs, 1 rescued pig, 10 rescued cows, 3 rescued horses and her mother and son together on a massive farm. I love it here and am the princess in the house!