The non-kill shelters we are supporting are always working above capacity.  While we are driving programs to eliminate the root cause of strays, we need to get as many adoptable dogs placed with loving families to make space in the shelters to save more canine lives from the street.

Our shelters have dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Our shelter dogs live under the “Bill of Rights” and hence have a much friendlier demeanor than dogs in most other shelters.  All of our dogs have been tested for temperament by a certified dog trainer, are vaccinated, healthy, chipped, and have their medical records up to date (health booklet will be sent with the dog).  We have a lot of “Family Dogs” that no longer have a family.  They are the unlucky ones affected by a combination of the economic crisis and irresponsible dog ownership! 

Our adoption process consists of an initial skype interview, an in-home visit wit the dog (yep, we let our dogs decide after we prevetted families. After all, they have to live with the new family!), we ask for a reference from the vet, ask for an adoption fee (depending on country and dog) and work with an adoption contract. So far, all adoptions were 100% successful. The secret of our success is that we take time to get to know the family and ensure to match them with the perfect dog.   

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