Individual Impact of individual lives saved

Beba now lives in Upstate new york, US

Born in Jan 2010 (estimated), Rescued in 2015, Adopted in January 2017

Breed: German Shepperd Mutt with a strong sense of pleasing everybody

Current Home: Upstate NY, USA with Pamela A, her husband, Bodie, four cats and Iris the bird

My story: I was abandoned by my owner and had to fight for myself to survive. I was found chasing sheep and the shepherd first tried to shoot at me to protect his herd, but he then decided to take me to foster care because I was so friendly. I am very good with other dogs and people and just love to be petted.

I got adopted !! On February 12th 2017 I moved to my new home. I met my mommy last weekend. I had a record breaking 52 requests from wonderful homes in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I visited six homes with wonderful families. My humans made it possible, so I had a choice ! I bonded most with a wonderful woman and her husband and dog. During visiting the family with the founders of Zero Stray Pawject,  my now new mommy was sitting on the floor with me, petting me, Bodie was playing with me. I loved it! Since I had so many great choices, Zero Stray Pawject asked me where I wanted to go, and observed me closely. I made it very clear to them whom I preferred. I even sat on Bodie's bed and imitated Bodie where I could, so that they could read which family I really wanted to go to. And thank god, they got it!!! And a week later I was picked up by Pamela A, her husband and Bodie. I now live with Bodie and four cats and Iris the bird in a beautiful house with a nice fenced yard in Upstate New York, I go for many walks during the day and can go out into the yard for a quick pee whenever I like. I like to cuddle up on the sofa, or watch the front door from the living room window together with Bodie. My mommy is self-employed and she takes me and Bodie everywhere with her, so I am never home alone. She even takes us with her to meet with her clients, how cool is that! And my mommy rescued everybody in our family: Bodie, the cats, the bird, our two horses. I love it! I couldn't be happier! I finally belong! And I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!1