Individual Impact of individual lives saved

doggie NOW LIVES IN manhattan, ny, US

Born in Jan 2011 (estimated), Rescued in 2015, Adopted in December 2016

Breed: Short haired German Pointer who has the most expressive facial expressions

Current Home: NYC, USA with Betsy A

My story: I was owned by a British man and a French woman on the island of Tinos and had a good life. My British owner got very sick and went back to the UK for treatment where he passed away in hospital. During that time I was put temporarily into a foster facility. After his death, my French owner never came back to get me.  I was heartbroken and cried for many weeks.

I was left on a chain for a long time. But in March 2016 I moved to a newly built private rescue center in Mykonos where I was taken out for walks and where my life significantly improved. But that is not all. In November I flew to NYC and got adopted on December 6th 2016 by my new owner Betsy, who happens to be a very famous former news reporter of one of the largest US and global channels. She spoils me. We live right off Central Park and I can go for many walks into Central Park every day, she lets me sleep in her bed (which I LOVE SOOO MUCH!!), she hugs me and loves me. I am so happy and thank my rescuers from the bottom of my heart!