1.        They get you out of the house. 

Dog owners often get a lot more exercise when they are walking their dog. Although it is not always wonderful to walk your dog when it is raining heavily outside or when there is ice and snow, not only your dog will be happy, but also your physical health will thank you afterwards that you got out of the house, got fresh air and exercise.


2.        They reduce your risk of heart disease. 

Interestingly, studies have shown that dog owners who are walking their dog have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and less risk of heart disease.


3.        Dogs improve mental health. 

Dogs are known to relieve anxiety in humans. In medicine, many dogs are therefore trained as service dogs for people with severe anxiety disorder. Service dogs are helping their owners to be calm and relaxed. But even on a broader level, dogs have scientifically been proven to improve mental health of humans. When your pup awaits you coming home, no matter what mood you are in, you see your pup's joy when he wags little tail for you, which just lifts your mood. That is because your pup’s presence lowers cortisol levels, the chemical that causes stress and your body releases serotonin and oxytocin, chemicals responsible for happiness.


4.        They make you less likely to develop allergies. 

Whilst there is no guarantee, it may be a great way to decrease your overall chance of developing allergies. Since dog fur is full of dander a childhood dog exposes kids to all those allergens early and helps boosting the kids immune systems.


5.        They might know when something is really wrong. 

Dogs are more sensitive to their environments than humans. That is why they have been known from detecting anything from earthquakes to seizures to cancer tumors. There have been cases reported when dogs were behaving strange to their owner because they could smell cancer. Also CNN reported recently about dogs that smell out cancer better than any lab test. 


6.        They help you to expand your social circle. 

There is no better way than starting discussions with fellow dog owners. Especially when you move to a new city, you easily will be able to make conversations with fellow dog owners. And conversations in those cases just happen naturally.


7.        They will protect you from danger. 

Not every dog is a guard dog and no dog should be used for the sole purpose of protection, especially when this results in a dog being chained for life.  But dogs, no matter how small or large, can be a great way of protecting you. Criminals are less likely to target your house when they know there is a dog in the house. Take the example of a recent case where a woman got attacked by two men when a stray dog came to her help and saved her life. She afterwards adopted her life saver. While this may be a unique case, there have been many more of those cases been reported. Fact is, your dog will always protect his human from any danger and risk his own life to help you live. 


8.        Dogs are wonderful companions as you age. 

For older adults who retired and whose kids have left the house, a dog can add structure to the day and be a wonderful asset.  But not only for retired people, can dogs be a wonderful asset.  Also when you have teenagers, you can be assured that at least your dog will always be happy to see when you come back home.