Individual Impact of individual lives saved

heinz (aka henry) now lives in manhattan, ny, US

Born in estimated April 2014, rescued in September 2015, Adopted in November 2015

Breed: Portuguese Podengo Mix who never lose their curiosity for discovery

Current home: New York, NY with Isabella S and her dad Henry 

My story: 'I was one of the dogs that inspired the woman who rescued me to found Zero Stray Pawject with her husband to solve the stray dog population. I was wandering the streets of Loule, near Faro in Portugal, hungry, cold, full of flees, ticks and lice that were drinking my blood and got almost hit by a car whilst I was looking for scraps. But this woman jumped on the street, stopped the approaching car and saved me! She then took me into her arms - first, I was so afraid that I started shivering of fear  - but she managed to calm me down, take me into the taxi and bring me to her hotel where I stayed with her for one the night. She did not mind that I was dirty, covered in flees, lice and ticks. Most people in the past kicked me or shooed me away. But she even petted me for comfort and stayed up all night to research shelters in the area where she could leave me until she could find me with a home. I was in heaven, one of the first nights that I slept peacefully, away from the harsh life on the streets! - I learned afterwards that the woman and her husband went to Faro for only 48h to attend a wedding. Rescuing me was the last thing they had planned for. But thank god they did ! - The next morning she found a wonderful shelter that agreed to temporarily take me in for three months. They are called Goldra Sanctuary and are wonderful people!!!  They even cured me from all my dirt and took good care of me, before the woman who found me, returned to Faro over the weekend to pick me up and to fly me into my new home. I am so grateful. I am now living with my new family, my new owner Isabella loves me so much and I love her even more! I have an own bed now next to hers, we go out for long walks, playing all day and occasionally we hang out with the woman who rescued me and her dog Caprice. I just love my new life, Isabella, her dad and the whole family are amazing. I was so lucky that I was found and am so grateful every day. Everybody in Isabella's building says that I am a wonderful dog and they can't believe that I lived on the streets for so long. My only wish now is that they will rescue many more or my friends who are all still living a harsh life on the street.'