Help us to save more lives!

Only with your support, we can save stray dogs from the street, drive prevention initiatives, such as education, neutering and promoting mandatory chipping and can help local communities to build more private rescue centers and non-kill shelters to take more stray dogs off the street and into safety.  

The abandoned dogs that are fighting for survival and who we can rescue with your help are saying Thank You For Your Support!


The non-kill shelters we are supporting are always working above capacity.  While we are driving programs to eliminate the root cause of strays, we need to get as many adoptable dogs placed with loving families to make space in the shelters to save more canine lives from the street.

Our shelters have dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Our shelter dogs live under the “Bill of Rights” and hence have a much friendlier demeanor.  All of our dogs have been tested for temperament by a certified dog trainer, are vaccinated, healthy, chipped, and have their medical records up to date (health booklet will be sent with the dog).  We have a lot of “Family Dogs” that no longer have a family. 

Our adoption process consists of an initial skype interview, an in-home visit with the dog (yep, we let our dogs decide!), we ask for a reference from the vet, take an adoption fee (depending on country and dog) and work with an adoption contract.   So far, all adoptions were 100% successful.  The secret of our success is that we take time to get to know the family and ensure to match them with the perfect dog. 

Go to "our dogs" and see whether you will fall in love with one of our amazing dogs...

You can also check out some of our dogs on and 


Meet some of the faces of our sponsors above:


Cannot adopt, but still want to help? Consider sponsoring a dog with a monthly contribution of EUR 30 or USD 35!  Your monthly sponsorship provides each dog with: food, mandatory medical care (tick and flee prevention medication), and a clean kennel through direct operational costs (no overhead or admin costs).  Sponsors are vital to provide support to our shelters.  Your sponsorship contributions are 100% pass-through and go straight to our shelters.  Our shelters rely on sponsors to ensure dogs are safe and live under animal welfare conditions, as laid out in "The Bill of Rights".  In return, you will receive photos, videos, and a personal newsletter twice per day to inform you about the progress of YOUR sponsored dog. Your name will be added next to your sponsored dog on our website, which gives every sponsor complete transparency, that only you are sponsoring "your" dog.

A monthly sponsorship can be gifted, e.g., for a friend’s birthday, or a holiday gift for young children who want to have a dog but whose family cannot fulfill this wish yet.  Gift love and save a life!

For sponsors paying in US$ use this button to set up recurring monthly US$35 payments:

For sponsors paying in Euros use this button to set up recurring monthly €30 payments:



Donations will finance our preventative measures, such as neutering programs, mandatory chipping programs so that owned dogs cannot be easily abandoned anymore, as well as awareness programs to promote responsible dog ownership and less strays.

At present, we work with the Municipality of Aegina and built up the first ever enhanced dog registry. We soon will start with regionwide public policy initiatives to microchip, register and to neuter dogs on a larger scale. Those initiatives are only possible with your donations.

You can either sign up for a one-off donation and have a monthly donation to our causes:

All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible in the US (501(c)3 non-profit) and in Germany (e.V.).   If you are considering a donation, please click one of the donate buttons (one is for US$ and the other for Euros) below and use a credit card or debit/ATM card:

For donations in US$ use this button (any amount):

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For German (European) citizens, you can set up a standing order to:


Zero Stray Pawject Germany e.V.

Account number: 0190518375

Sort Code: 100 500 00

Bank: Berliner Sparkasse

IBAN: DE14100500000190518375




FOOD/ MEDICINE: The dogs need dry and wet food, basic medical care such as flea and tick prevention (Frontline/ Bravecto). For a list of medicines that we need, please contact us.

TOYS/ DOG BEDS/ BLANKETS: Maybe you want to donate dog beds, especially for our older dogs.  Especially in the colder months, we need any help to keep our dogs warm..

PRINT COSTS: Or perhaps, you can help us with printing costs. We produce flyers and brochures as part of our educational campaigns on responsible dog ownership.  We also print T-Shirts for our volunteers.  If you have access to cheap (or even free) printing facilities, it would help us a



Maybe you are interested in fostering a dog until he gets adopted?  When you foster, you agree to take a previously homeless dog into your home and give him or her love, care and attention, either for a predetermined period or until the dog is adopted.  Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have (other than adopting, of course).  By temporarily taking an animal in need into your home, you are freeing up a spot in the shelter so we can take in another dog off the street.  You can give your foster dog the time he needs to become ready for adoption. Contact us, using the form below.



NYC:  You could help with social media support, fundraising, helping find foster families and great forever homes, home visits and check-ups after dogs have been adopted or be an advocate for Zero Stray Pawject.  Send us your resume! Maybe YOU have other ideas on how you can help; we would love to hear them .

Berlin:  With our German e.V. headquartered in Berlin, we also need support with social media, helping find great foster and forever families, perform home visits and check-ups after dogs have been adopted.  You may have other ideas.  Get in touch with us using the form below.

Greece:  Want to work with dogs and help out one of our shelters? Help with community education?  Why not spend your next vacation at one of our shelter or foster facilities? Come and lend a hand!  Share the joy of caring for these dogs and give them the gift of human contact.  They would particularly love to be walked outside or just to be petted!  If you are interested, please fill the form below.

Our summer volunteers had so much fun, walking and playing with the dogs. This is important as our dogs need to have human contact and appreciate an extra belly rub!

Our summer volunteers had so much fun, walking and playing with the dogs. This is important as our dogs need to have human contact and appreciate an extra belly rub!

other ways to help:

AMAZON: If you are an Amazon buyer, Amazon (not you!) will pay 0.5% for qualified charities. Amazon approved Zero Stray Pawject in August 2016! So next time you buy from Amazon, go to Amazon Smile (follow the link), select Zero Stray Pawject as your charity. 

SPECIAL OCCASION AND YOU WANT TO EXCHANGE YOUR GIFTS FOR CHARITY:  Planning a birthday party, or a wedding and really don’t need any presents, and instead want to ask your friends to raise money for charity? We would be delighted to be considered. We would be happy to discuss with you personally how your funds could be used and decide together which special projects your funds will support.  We will also recognize you (if you like!) in our social media platforms.

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