Individual Impact Of Individual Lives Saved

nelly now LIVES near reading, pennsylvania, u.s.

Born in December 2012, rescued in September 2015, adopted in December 2017

Breed: The "so-wanting-to-please-humans-and often-doesn't-know-how" princess with the big smile

Current Home: With Mychael and Ben and Boomer the dog and their cat in Pennsylvania   

My story:  I had 6 puppies and somebody took them away from me and left them in the mountain. A nice man found them and brought them to the shelter. A few days later, the same person connected the dots and realized that I was their mother. My puppies were 20 days old when they came to the shelter and unfortunately since they were separated from me, it costed my puppies lives. I lived in the shelter for more than 2 years, but thank god, then Zero Stray Pawject showed up and took me with them to New York. The travel was very exciting, but even more exciting was the fact that I first stayed at ZSP's dog trainers and then with the founders themselves who tried to find me with the best and right home. I had over 50 requests - lucky me - but only two families made it in the last round and ZSP drove with me to meet both families. I hit it off most with Mychael and Ben, both crazy animal lovers and could move in with them. How cool is that! I moved in on December 23rd, ready for the Christmas celebrations. I now have my new best friend Boomer, my new feline friend and my own backyard wherever I can go if I want to run. My mom works from home and my dead is excited to finally have a large dog whom he can play with. I LOVE my new family and cannot think of a life without them anymore !!! I cannot stop wagging my tail since I arrived. Thank you ZSP for finally helping me to find MY home after so many years in the shelter!!!