Individual Impact of individual lives saved

Nico now lives in manhattan, ny, US

Born in 2006 (estimated), Rescued in 2009, Adopted in 2015

Breed: Taiwanese Mountain Dog and full of kindness

Current Home: New York with Dimitris A. 

My story: 'I am Nico and apparently I was one of the dogs that inspired the human who rescued me to found Zero Stray Pawject ! I have now been living in New York since April 2015. Prior to finding my forever home in New York, I had been living in a private shelter in Taipei, Taiwan, where I had spent 6 years of my life. I was picked up by Taiwanese animal lovers when I was 3 years old in the mountains where they had found me with a broken paw stuck in a hunting trap. They took good care for me in Taipei, but unfortunately nobody wanted to adopt me. In Taiwan the color black is associated with bad luck and I got older and older. In February 2015, this woman from New York City came to the shelter over the weekend during a business trip and discovered me. Then she tried anything to find me with a home and after finding one, even flew back to Taipei over the weekend to pick me up and to bring me with her to my new forever home! The flight was very long, 18 hours, but I knew that she would help me, so I trusted her and stayed very calm. I am now living with my cool new owner. He is self-employed, so we are spending so much time together, going for long walks in Central Park, cuddling, playing, I love him! I am even friends with Caprice, the woman’s own dog and we hang out very often. I love my life in the Big Apple and am so thankful that as an old and black dog, who constantly got overlooked, that I was finally given a chance to now spend my life in a wonderful home. And cool fact, this same woman is one of the founders of Zero Stray Pawject.