Individual Impact Of Individual Lives Saved

roxy now lives in pennsylvania, u.s.


Born, in estimated 2014, rescued in July 2017, adopted in August 2017

Breed: Sweet pit bull mix lady

Current Home: With Chelcea and Brennon in Pennsylvania, U.S. 

My story: There is not much known about my early life. But ACC Brooklyn said that I was owned before by people who do not know pit bulls and just could not handle me. So they abandoned me and a neighbor picked me up and surrendered me to ACC Brooklyn, where I quickly ended up on the euthanasia list.

Zero Stray Pawject received a plea from another organization on Sunday, August 13th. I was supposed to be destroyed that same day. When the co-founder Silja from ZSP saw my picture, she just had to help. Since ZSP does not own a shelter in New York, ZSP put up an urgent appeal to their Facebook followers and asked for a foster, paid by ZSP until I was able to find a home. My post was shared more than 500 times within 24h. Meanwhile, Silja called and put a request for adoption in for me to gain one more day until Monday. In the meantime, ZSP found a foster home and was just organizing specifics when on Monday afternoon Silja received a call from Brennan who had seen ZSP's Facebook post and who said that he was on the way to adopt me. I wasn't aware of all that yet, but ZSP was over the moon. But then there were slight complications. Brennan and Chelcea who traveled all the way from PA to Brooklyn got stuck in traffic and the ACC Brooklyn was just about to close for the night. So many people called and begged to keep the facility open and not to kill me. It was a nerve wracking 48h marathon against time, but it was all worthwhile. Brennan and Chelcea just got there on time before I was being euthanized. ZSP paid the adoption fee and since then, I have been living with Chelcea and Brennan and get all the love and care that any dog can wish for. I love them so much and they love me even more. They are my heroes for stepping up and driving all the way to get me out. I own my life to ZSP who made my fate public and pleaded to find a solution and even more to Chelcea and Brennan who saw my post and were heroes to drive all the way to get me and who were not afraid to adopt me. My future is bright! And my only wish is that many more dogs who are on the euthanasia list like me will have the same luck as I had and will be saved!