If you cannot adopt, consider sponsoring a dog until your sponsored dog gets adopted. A monthly sponsorship of EUR 50 (US$ 60) provides each dog with basics including food, mandatory medical care (heartworm, tick and flee prevention medication), and direct operational costs (no overhead or admin costs).  

Sponsors are vital to maintain our rescue center. We are privately funded and don't receive any governmental funding. Hence, we rely on sponsors to ensure our dogs are safe and are living under animal welfare conditions, as laid out under "The Bill of Rights". If you want to help us maintain our rescue center and become a sponsor click the "Donate" button of your preferred currency ($ or €) below and set up your dog's recurring payment.  After you have done that, you should email us using the form in the bottom so you can tell which dog you are sponsoring; we will add your name on your dog's page. Having your name added to our website behind your dog will give you transparency, that only you are sponsoring "your" dog. If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can do so. Our sponsors receive updates of "their dog" and a video twice per year (March and September), so although you may not be able to meet your dog, you can hear about his/ her progress whilst we are working on adopting him/her. Your name will also be put next to on the laminate of your dog in our private rescue center.

As of October 2016, we have 29 sponsors and as soon as we have all 44 dogs sponsored, we can roll out to the next island and help more stray dogs in need with YOUR help.

For sponsors paying in US$ use this button to set up recurring monthly US$60 payments:

For sponsors paying in Euros use this button to set up recurring monthly €50 payments:

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