Cannot adopt, but still want to help? Consider sponsoring a dog with a monthly contribution of EUR 30 or USD 35!  Your monthly sponsorship provides each dog with: food, mandatory medical care (tick and flee prevention medication), and a clean kennel through direct operational costs (no overhead or admin costs).  Sponsors are vital to provide support to our shelters.  Your sponsorship contributions are 100% pass-through and go straight to our shelters.  Our shelters rely on sponsors to ensure dogs are safe and live under animal welfare conditions, as laid out in "The Bill of Rights".  In return, you will receive photos, videos, and a personal newsletter twice per day to inform you about the progress of YOUR sponsored dog. Your name will be added next to your sponsored dog on our website, which gives every sponsor complete transparency, that only you are sponsoring "your" dog.

A monthly sponsorship can be gifted, e.g., for a friend’s birthday, or a holiday gift for young children who want to have a dog but whose family cannot fulfill this wish yet.  Gift love and save a life!

For sponsors paying in US$ use this button to set up recurring monthly US$35 payments:

For sponsors paying in Euros use this button to set up recurring monthly €30 payments:

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