Individual Impact of individual lives saved

star NOW LIVES in pennsylvania, US

My adoption was featured LIVE on "The Dodo".  Click here to see how I reacted when I moved into my new home.

Born in Jan 2014 (estimated), Rescued in 2015, Adopted in December 2016

Breed: The Greek gooddess Mutt who is smarter than any other of his canine friends 

Current Home: Pennsylvania, USA with her new "mommy" Pam 

My story: I was held by a car rental and studio rental guy in Mykonos who kept me on the chain 24/7. Since he did not neuter me, I got pregnant and had to give birth on the chain! This terrible studio rental and car rental owner from Mykonos then abandoned me (by the way, many of his guests complained about him on Tripadvisor!). Tourists found me in Ano Mera, wandering the island on my own and begging for food. So they brought me to a place, which was supposed to be a safe heaven for dogs, but unfortunately was operated by a hoarder. I was again on a chain.

In August 2015, Zero Stray Pawject found me in that terrible hoarding place and saved me. They built the first ever private rescue center in Mykonos, where I lived until September 2016. In September 2016, the co-founder Silja took me with her to New York, where I lived in foster for 2 months until I could find the best forever home. On December 4th 2016, I moved to my new owner in PA. I live in a big house with a massive garden, surrounded by forest and the countryside. I LOVE my new owner. I am incredibly smart and need mental stimulation, so I love to be trained, which my new owner is constantly doing with me. She even wants to do "hospice work" with me and train me as a service dog. What a success story, from a chained dog, being beaten and mistreated by my previous owner, to living in PA in a wonderful home with a warm bed and being very much loved, living with my new mommy in a beautiful house.