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“From the first time I contacted Zero Stray Pawject the interaction has been a wonderful experience. These people dedicate their time and lives to saving dogs from awful lives.. My husband and I have been so fortunate to have adopted Beba, one of the amazing dogs that this organization has rescued. The love and compassion that is displayed by this group is so sincere.
So, if you and or any of your friends or family members are searching for a forever dog, please contact this wonderful, caring and amazing rescue. If it is not possible to adopt now.. don’t forget that your donation is tax deductible too!
We are so happy and just love and adore Beba girl. Rest assure that this rescuer’s are honest, true and simply a wonderful group of people who have just the dog or puppy for you! They are transparent, and our dog had had love and vet visits even prior to us receiving her. Thank you to the owners for bringing us our beloved Beba, she is a perfect fit for us and the rest of our furry family members! We love her! Your the best! Keep up your hard work to rescue these deserving animals!”
Pamela Au- New York, NY – adopter of Beba – April 2017
Christina Papacharalampous, Athens, Greece – supporter – January 2017
“I am so grateful for this organization and what they are doing, They are doing the work of angels, I support them and hope that one day Their tireless efforts will no longer be needed on our planet ❤”
Sofia Pica, New York, New York, US – supporter – January 2017
“Serious about saving dogs!! my wholehearted endorsement to Zero Stray Pawject”
Grigori Vyssoulis , Athens, Greece – supporter – January 2017
“Zero Stray Pawject has been wonderful since before it was even created. The founder is well known for being an avid animal lover and doing anything possible to ensure each and every life is loved and taken care of in whatever way possible. My dog, Heinz, was one of the first dogs she rescued prior to the establishment of her official shelter, and let me just say, I could never thank her enough for the loyal companion that has come into my life. Each and every day has been a blessing all because of her act of kindness. She found Heinz on a quick few day trip and picked him off the street where he almost got hit by a car and brought him to a temporary place of holding until she was sure she could find him an appropriate home. Because of mutual friends, I met her and got to know her own rescue dog, Caprice, and the rest was history. It has been over a year now and each day has been wonderful, so I can truly say that Zero Stray Pawject and its founder are both wonderful in every sense. When I am ready to get a second dog, I will have no hesitation on adopting from them again.
-With love, Bella and Heinz Ketchup”
Isabella Santana, New York, US – adopter of Heinz – January 2017
“Unparalleled dedication and commitment to the cause of helping stray dogs, determination to find solutions to help each one of them find a home, and creativity to make an incredibly challenging effort like this work so well! This is not just another dog shelter. These people have a mission and these dogs are really getting the help they need. Support them! Spread the word! Or better yet, adopt one of their dogs!”
Dimitris Davalos, Cleveland/ Athens – supporter – January 2017
“Great organization run by ethical group of hardworking dedicated people. I highly recommend them.”
Carol Andersen, CA, US – supporter – January 2017
„Danke für das Engagement. Die Welt braucht mehr davon!“
Regina Teichs, Berlin, Germany – supporter – January 2017
“This is how you think global and act local! Way to go guys and keep up the great work!”
Edgar Sanchez, Costa Rica – supporter – January 2017
“A beautiful mission with a pragmatic approach.”
Rozina Camarudin, Lisbon, Portugal – supporter and sponsor – January 2017
„Tolles Tierschutzprojekt mit einem vielversprechenden Konzept !!!!“
Andrea W, Frankfurt Germany – Adopter of Bebis – January 2017
“A fabulous organisation working tirelessly rescuing animals that deserve a better life”
Heather Payne, Sydney, Australia – Supporter and Sponsor
“Worthy organization with a clear cause to eliminate the severe stray animal issue in Greece.”
Angela Darilis, New York/ Athens – supporter - January 2017
Our best friends need help! From conception through implementation, this project has been absolutely brilliant. It goes a long way way toward helping our best friends. There is no cause nobler than that. Please keep up the great work, Zero Stray Pawject!”
Harry Lerner, New York, New York - supporter - June 2017
What an amazing organization with true heart, clear focus and an important mission that is a recipe for success and for making a real change in this world!
Heather Belizze - New York, New York, June 2017 - adopter
Zero stray has been great! It’s obvious they really care for their pups and try to find the best matches. We are thrilled with our new fur baby and are so grateful to zero stray pawject for being with us every step of the way”
Angela Lushina-Bauman, New York, New York - November 2017 - adopter
“Great work for the straying dogs in Greece.”
Christiane Kopacek, Animal Protection Aegina & Agistri, Greece/ Germany - December 2017.
“Zero Stray Pawject was fantastic to work with to rescue our third Southern European Street Dog and bring her to her forever home. Thank you ZSP!”
Sarah Sage, New York, New York, May 2018
“I can’t recommend rescuing a dog from Zero Stray enough! They truly set themselves apart from other rescue organizations and shelters by staying in touch with the families that adopt their dogs and being incredibly thorough, honest, and caring throughout the entire process. When I saw a beautiful dog named Vegas (now renamed Tzatziki), with the longest description I’ve seen on petfinder, I immediately contacted ZSP. I was shocked that they responded to my email within 12 hours with extensive and important information regarding Tzatziki, their organization, and their adoption process. They worked around my schedule to do a Skype call (which lasted an hour) and again when we scheduled a house visit. The week of the house visit was extremely busy for my boyfriend and I and when they offered to come to Queens from Manhattan for a 7am visit, before my boyfriend leaves for work, I was amazing by their dedication. They were incredibly honest and communicative about emotional and behavioral issues that Tzatziki was experiencing, as well as giving me all the medical information they had on Tzatziki. This organization puts an incredible amount of time and effort into finding the best homes for their dogs and ultimately fixing the stray problem. I wish there were more organizations out there like Zero Stray. Truly, if you’re thinking about donating money to a great cause or adopting a dog, you’ve come to the right place!”
Kaitlyn Edwards, New York, New York - June 2018 - adopter
“The name of this organization and what it is trying to accomplish says it all. If only we could all work together to reach zero strays worldwide. Love and admire the founder for her undying effort and devotion. I love my two boys and would adopt again from ZSP in a heartbeat. Thank you Silja!”
Janet Sherwood, New York, New York - July 2018 - adopter
We are so impressed with Zero Stray Pawject! We adopted the most wonderful, perfect dog for our family!!! We couldn’t be happier!!! The work that Silja has done is incredible; she’s an angel! They love and care for each and every dog!!
Erin Payne-Miller, New York, New York - August 2018 - adopter