who we are:


We adopted our dog "Caprice" during our wedding week.  Caprice had been a stray on the island of Mykonos.  This experience further opened our eyes to the struggle of many fosters, shelters, and other animal lovers who are trying against all odds to provide care for stray dogs.  We decided to develop what we believe could become a systematic end-to-end solution to the stray dog problem in communities where it is applied.

We founded Zero Stray Pawject in February 2016 and since have been focused on Greece. We incorporated in the US and Germany. Zero Stray Pawject, Inc and Zero Stray Pawject Germany e.V. are US and German non-profit organizations and provide tax benefits to donors in the US and Germany.


Advisory Board

Zero Stray Pawject is proud to introduce its new advisory board.

Our goal is the reduction of stray dogs to zero in the regions that we operate in. Achieving this goal requires solving tough public policy problems.

We are delighted to welcome to our board thought leaders and problem solvers who are on their own right global leaders in animal welfare, public law and animal rights, and global business. Each of our board members believe in our vision, our operating model, and our public policy work. They have been providing their guidance and advice informally for many months. We look forward to many inspiring exchanges as we work together to solve the stray dog crisis!

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Where we are:

Our Headquarters

Zero Stray Pawject Inc is headquartered in New York, New York. Zero Stray Pawject Germany e.V. is headquartered in Berlin. We are supporting regions with large numbers of stray dogs. 


The regions we are supporting:

Aegina: April 2017 - present

We are working hand in hand with the municipality of Aegina, and Mrs Sofia Hatzina, Director of Public Health, the police, the local veterinarians and the local shelter on eradicating the problem of stray dogs through public policy initiatives. Aegina has become A MODEL ISLAND and we are working towards making Aegina the first island in Greece to have ZERO STRAY DOGS so that the model can be rolled out across Greece.

In Aegina we support the local shelter Animal Protection Aegina and Agistri and have been supporting Vrouva Farms

Aegina is an island just a short 45-minute boat ride from Athens. Each year 200-400 dogs are abandoned. This is beyond the capacity of the local shelter.  As a result, many remain on the streets.  Aegina's shelter is one of the best managed in Greece.  It hosts over 100 dogs and finds “forever families” for about as many each year, in part thanks to a wonderful alliance with the German-based “Aegean Dogs” charity. Zero Stray Pawject is contributing funds to this effort.  We invite you to sponsor one of the dogs for €30 or $35 per month until they get adopted!  Have a look at "our dogs" and chose your sponsored "furry child".  We will send you personalized photo updates of YOUR sponsored dog every 6 months until they get adopted.

A shelter with a high adoption rate, is only half the solution to make stray dogs in Aegina a thing of the past.  The other half is working with local authorities to eradicate irresponsible dog ownership, the root cause of stays.  We have launched our initiatives in February 2017 and have been instrumental to change behavior of dog owners through various initiatives. You can read more about our successes here.

Mykonos: November 2015 - January 3rd 2017

During the end of 2015 and throughout 2016, we supported a local hotel owner in her efforts to build and operate a private rescue center in Tigani, Mykonos to house the dogs that had previously been under her care. We are very proud that our support enabled the transformation of the lives of these 45 dogs from a condition that had caused the justified negative reaction of local animal lovers, as well as the state vet, into a new life without chains, with food and clean water, no fear of being attacked or killed by other dogs.  After our success in transforming the canine lives of 45 dogs in Mykonos, including adoptions of 5 dogs in the US and Germany, we were ready to roll out to the next location by mid 2017.

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