Why is this unique?

There are animal lovers and private shelters in almost every region with a large quantity of stray and abandoned dogs.  However, very often they don‘t have the financial and organizational resources to combat the crisis of stray dogs on their own. 

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This is where Zero Stray Pawject will help:

To achieve Zero Stray Pawject’s 4-pronged mission we work with local animal lovers who will either serve as local foster families or non-kill shelters. Many times, local fosters and private non-kill shelters don’t have the financial means, fundraising capabilities, organizational skills, marketing expertise, and administrative resources to be successful.

Under the condition that private non-kill shelters and private foster families comply with the “Bill of Rights“, which regulates how stray dogs are kept under their care, Zero Stray Pawject provides:

  • funding
  • expertise in marketing
  • logistics
  • administration to them
  • and thus providing local animal lovers with the opportunity to make difference to their communities! 

The “Bill of Rights” are essential and help the dogs to have a reduced stress level versus many shelters we have visited. This makes Zero Stray Pawject’s dogs easier adoptable than the average shelter dog. 

Zero Stray Pawject does not own any of the facilities or dogs. The dogs are all chipped to the local animal lover or the local foster facility manager, so that they are protected and not have the definition of being "stray" anymore (so that the municipality cannot take any decisions as to euthanize the dogs in Zero Stray Pawject's care).  The local animal lover's facility serves as private "super-foster", normally housing stray dogs on their private piece of land, chipped to their name, whilst we help to care for the dogs and to get them adopted.

Zero Stray Pawject gets involved where local municipalities, and or welfare organizations fail (as it is the case in our first region we have rolled out to). A private solution to help stray dogs, where nobody else helps.

A first-of-its kind and unique systematic solution to empower local animal lovers to combat the crisis on their doorsteps. A solution that doesn't exist yet in the world and which will be rolled out worldwide.

Our work does not only promote animal welfare, but also protects the communities of the regions we come to from a large stray dog population and the public safety and public health risks they pose.