SPONSORED: BY christina Radtke, Berlin

Born: September 2015

Weight: 21 kilos

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

My story: I have lived in a family before. I slept on their bed and lived in a house. The family loved me, but unfortunately were not very dog experienced. They did not realize that they had to set me boundaries. They also did not realize that through their behavior, they asked me to be the boss. Unintentionally. I did not want to be the boss. But I felt I had to proof to them and to myself that I have to be the boss and in charge. They saw dog trainers, but not very good ones. Because no one recognized the problem. I started biting my dad (never my mom or the children). At some point, my family who loved me, was so desperate, that they brought me to the shelter. I have been here now for a few months and slowly relax. I realize now that somebody else is in charge: Andreas. And I like it! I have made a lot of progress and the shelter staff hopes that in maybe one or two years time, I will be ready to go into a new family again. My old family visits me at the shelter every 6-8 weeks. They are heartbroken. And I am, too. I do not want to be here. But it is best for me momentarily. My family took another puppy from the shelter, a very sick one. And the shelter staff is working with me to ensure I will be able to live a happy life in a family at some point in the future again. I would love that very much. With somebody who is in charge. Because I really don't want to be !

But I need a sponsor. Will you sponsor me?