Born: September 2014

Weight: 20 kilo

Breed: Labrador Mix (estimated)

Gender: Male, neutered 

My story: I am told that I am a very handsome boy and I really want to trust people but just can't seem to do it yet.  I like to go near the staff sometimes when the moment is right but not often. I prefer dogs to people. I came to the dog shelter in Aegina in 2014 as a young puppy with my three siblings, all of them a little shy.  My shyness keeps me from socializing with humans when they visit (I always keep my distance and bark to keep people away) and so I don't get any adoption offers, but I am happy living in the free area of the shelter where I can run to my hearts content.  And I am sure that one day, I will find my human who will be patient with me, who will have other dogs and who will adopt me.