SPONSORED:  by Nondas V., New york

Born: December 2013

Weight: 25 kilo, 60cm tall

Breed: Labrador Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

My story: I was looked after my a woman who kept me and Jenny in her garden in Aegina but who after a while could not take care of me anymore. So I was brought to the shelter.

As a Labrador mix, I am a gentle giant, sweet, super affectionate, outgoing, agile, kind, even tempered and I am a real people person. I get along with other dogs but overall prefer humans. I would do well in a home with another dog or alone. All I went is my family. I am a strong dog but listen extremely well, walk impeccable on the leash and am highly trainable. I am very eager to please and don't do well in the shelter. I am really craving for human contact and that is very difficult to satisfy with so many dogs around.

I love kids, I am good with cats and I hope that I will soon find MY forever family, a family that will cuddle me, pet me and love me and where I can finally settle !