SPONSORED:  by hafssa serraj, casablanca/ frankfurt

Born: August 2014

Weight: 22 kilo, 50cm tall

Breed: Shepherd mix

Gender: Female, spayed

My story: I am Alida's sister and was born on the street and lived with my mother Klarabell and my six brothers and sisters on the street for one month. We were discovered by an animal lover when I was 1 month old how I was playing on the street and chasing bees. Everybody was concerned for our safety and the fear that we may get poisoned living on the street. So we came to the shelter. I lived my whole life in the shelter. I love to play with other dogs but I am still a bit cautious with humans despite of the fact that I have been living here all of my life.  I would love to live in a home with another confident and calm dog and with people who are patient with me. With a lot of love and care I will open up to my human because deep down all I want is to get cuddled and loved. I am very sweet and often show signs that I really want to be cuddled, but then still do not dare to come too close yet.

Will you have the patience and love with me to let me love you?