Born: October 2015

Weight: 18 kilos

Breed: Mix

Gender: Male, will be neutered in May

Health issues: None

In Foster Care outside of Athens since March 2016 

My story: I am a very special boy!

I was found in a field when I was 5 months old. My legs were deformed. I was very thin and shy. The vet said that was due to the fact that I had bad or at times, no food.  Since, I got to eat very good food and lots of vitamins at the shelter. I get a lot of care from the shelter staff and I have recovered fast.

However this experience made me wary of people. I am still shy and first keep my distance from people. But once I get to know YOU better, I love my human, I love Elena, who works at the shelter. I greet her every morning, I make sure that I am the first who says hi to her, gently reaching out to Elena's hand and walking with her all day. Because I am so wonderful with other dogs, I am allowed to live in the "free area" with other dogs. The free area is a large area outside of living areas, but still in the shelter, where we can all roam free. I am getting on with all other dogs super well. But lately the shelter staff tells me that I made a lot of progress! I come up to the staff for treats and let them cuddle me!

I was just neutered in March 2017. The shelter people are worried that it will be harder for me to find a home because of my slightly deformed legs, and my shyness. But I know that out there, there is a human who will love me because I am special. I am 52cm large and weigh around 18 kilos. Will you be the one whom I finally can open up to and who I will love forever?