Individual Impact of individual lives saved

Caprice now lives in New York, US

You can follow my adventures on my new Instagram page: Caprice_the_dog

Born in 2011 (estimated). Adopted in October 2014 by Zero Stray Pawject's founders

Breed: Beautiful Mykonian Mutt with a big personality

Currently living in New York, NY

My story: 'I was wandering the streets of Kalo Livadi and one day showed up at a house and begged for food. The people at the house called a foster facility who then took good care of me. I must have belonged to a family with children and I think they just abandoned me, because nobody came looking for me for many months. But I was lucky! A few months after I arrived at the foster facility, I was adopted by this couple from New York and I now live in an apartment near Central Park. We go at least three times a day to Central Park each for one hour and I can chase squirrels. I love my new home!'