Born: 2013

Weight: 20 kilos

Breed:  Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

Health issues: None

In Foster since: my birth in foster in 2013, currently in Mykonos

Chip number: 941000017191107

My story: My mother Beba gave birth to me in foster. I am a very good dog with people and although I am sometimes a bit dominant with other dogs, I am getting on well with female and male dogs alike. I am currently living together with another male and two other female dogs in the same enclosure and we all are getting on extremely well. I would fit well in a family as I am craving for human touch and attention. I may bark at you the first time I see you, but this is only a friendly bark. I have been great with every person that I met in the past 3 years and I am so longing for the time that somebody will finally take me home. I am often overlooked as I am not the most outgoing dog, I need a few minutes to warm up and my dog friends who are living together with me are just more outgoing. I hope that one day somebody will come who will not overlook me anymore and who will open their heart for me and give me the love I am so longing for. Until then, I am dreaming of my human every night…