SPONSORED: by Evie Roussopoulou and Koray user, New York and Jacksonville, FL

Born: estimated Jan 2011

Weight: 22 kilos

Breed: Pure bred Pointer

Gender: Male, neutered

Health issues: None

In Foster Care since: August 2014, currently in Mykonos

Chip number: 956000004554435

My story: A Bulgarian citizen owned me before but could not take care of me anymore and brought me to a shelter. I am one of the best behaved dogs, house trained and very obedient. I am very calm and will be a wonderful companion to you. I love to be petted and will show you when laying my paw on your knee. I am a great dog for a family, even for people who never had a dog before. I will fit in anywhere. I am also good with other dogs and am one of my fosters' favorite ones due to my wonderful nature. Will you give me the chance to love you?