SPONSORED: by Claudia and Stephen Golden, New York

Born: estimated in Jan 2011

Weight: 30 kilos

Breed: Pure bred Dogo Argentino

Gender: Female

Health issues: None

In Shelter and/or Foster Care since: July 2014

Chip number: 956000004554660

My story: I was given to a shelter by my owners who could not handle me anymore. Unfortunately the fosters who are caring for me now do not know what experience has triggered my reaction towards people and dogs alike, whether my old owners did not treat me well and kept me on a chain or whether there has been somebody prior to them who did not treat me well. But I am now difficult with people. The Dogo Argentino breed is famous for being protective. There is only one person who I let touch me. I will bark at anybody else and do not let anybody else close to me. But I was promised that I will get training to overcome my reaction towards people. I am not yet ready for a new family, but the people who care for me will keep you updated on my progress. So watch this space.