Born: estimated in Jan 2014

Weight: 27 kilos

Breed: Rottweiler Mix

Gender: Male, neutered

Health issues: None

In Foster Care since: August 2014, currently in Mykonos

Chip number: 900182001094243

My story: I was abandoned by my owner. Unfortunately this is quite common in Greece. One day the people who are now caring for me, found me tied up in Ftelia. I am a super friendly dog with lots of energy and extremely playful. I love dogs and people alike and will run to you to get petted and hugged. That is my trademark, I am a big hugger. I will hug you and want you to hug me! I can rest in a hugging position with you for a while, I love it! I would fit well in a family because I love playing, I love running with you and am one of the sweetest dogs who will immediately conquer your heart!  Because of my curious and loving nature, I have already managed to conquer the hearts of the people who take care of me and who would not wish anything more than that I will find a loving home. My new family will need to do some basic training, but I am so obedient that it will not be difficult to do that. The people in the foster think that I am a gem, meaning a very special loving and playful dog. A combination, which is hard to find. Will you give me the love, fun and energy I am longing for? I would love to spend the rest of my life with you if you think you could be the right home for me!