SPONSORED: BY Dave and kelly n, Bridgewater, NJ, US

Born: estimated in 2009

Weight: 35 kilos

Breed: Pure bred Hunting Dog called 'Kucha'

Gender: Female

Health issues: She had a lump but it was removed and she is cured and healthy

In Foster Care since: November 2013, currently in Mykonos

Chip number: 956000004542550

My story: I was found in front of the airport, wandering the street and in much danger of being hit by a car when a man who washes cars in the neighborhood noticed me and brought me to my fosters. But I am longing for a home. I am one of the dogs who craves the most for quality human contact. All I want is to have my owner whom I can love ! I am extremely friendly, I will come up and wag my little tail for you and LOVE to be petted. I am the perfect family dog. However, I don't get along with other female dogs and am sometimes dominant with other male dogs. So I would love to be the only pet at your home and have your undivided attention! In return, I will love you forever! I enjoy going on  walks with my owner and love to discover the world together and share those special moments .  I stayed for a few days with one of the volunteers who fell in love with me but unfortunately already has dogs. I did not bark once during my time staying with her. One different thing about me, I love driving with you in your car. I am already house trained. I would be fine in an apartment or in a house. I do not want to stay in foster care anymore. If you think you can give me the warmth and love I deserve, I will in return be an amazing dog for you. Will you?